A change of scenery is good for everyone and for the flexibility and creativity of your team.

Rent our rooms for you and your team, be individually adapted to your wishes In the middle of the vineyard, with a view, you can be sure to be creative and productive for your seminar, workshop, meeting or afternoon brainstorming session.

Our event room takes you out of your everyday life and stimulates new senses. Be inspired by the diverse surroundings and enjoy spending time in the vineyard.


Our event house was built in 2017. 2 levels view over Weinfelden Säntis. On the upperfloor you will find individual seating-with rectangular and round tables, tables with stools and armchairs, and comfortable chairs.

Or would you prefer a standard room with square tables and chairs? A mixed thereof? Your event can also be held on both floors. For example, a standard facility and creative on the upper floor. We would be happy to design the room with you.

Seminar flat rates Monday – Friday

Seminar / workshop half day, up to 4 hours (upper floor)
Price for 10 or more people CHF 49.00 per person
Small groups on request

Seminar/workshop full day, up to 8 hours (upper and ground floor)
Included in the price:

  • Coffee & croissants (morning)
  • Coffee & free selection from our icecream-bike with tomela icecream (afternoon)
  • Thurgau apples
  • Snacks
  • Water, grape juice
  • Technology (1xbeamer with screen, 1xflipchart and 2xwhiteboard)
  • Wireless internet access
  • Lunchtime:
  • A white wine soup in a coffee cup
  • Tarte Flambee in different variations (also vegetarian tarte flambee)
Price for 10 or more people CHF 89.00 per person
Small group of 5 people or more CHF 109.00 per person

Less than 5 people on request

Additional Information
Max. number of guests
30 people or more depending on the seat positioning (U-shape, row, concert seating)
100 square meters

Can be booked at an additional cost

Further ideas

You can find more experience packages on our website.